The Montclair Foundation Funding Guidelines:

  • Funds are limited, we are very selective about where we award grants and do not necessarily award to all applicants.
  • Generally, we do not fund capital campaigns or other foundations.
  • We fund General Operating Budgets, preferring to fund special projects or items. In the case of a capital improvement, a grant will be awarded after the item is fully funded and purchased.
  • A previous grant award for an organization does not mean an automatic award every year. Each year is a new beginning and all applications are weighted equally.
  • We positively view grants for the arts, particularly those that benefit groups at risk.
  • We encourage funding of cultural and community projects that build/create collaboration between Van Vleck and the organization.
  • We can make multi-year grants, but should not be longer than a 3-year commitment.
  • We appreciate invitations to visit your location or to see the project you are requesting funds for.
Montclair Foundation